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MSI Mediators Profiles

Ms Jamela A. Ali, Attorney at Law in Guyana
Mediator in Guyana

Mr Teni Housty - Attorney at Law in Guyana
Mediator in Guyana

Ms Rafina Rahim,Solicitor in the UK
Accredited Mediator in the UK

Mr Kumar Hathiramani, Business Administrator
Certified Mediator in Barbados, Trinidad & UK

Mr Hubert T. Robertson, Business and Project Management
Mediator in Guyana

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Jamela Ali

Ms Jamela A. Ali,
Attorney at Law in Guyana
Mediator in Guyana

Ms. Jamela A. Ali acquired Mediator Skills Training in 2003 under the auspices of the Supreme Court of Guyana and also completed Refresher Mediation Course and Advanced Mediation Training. As a Trainer in Mediation, Jamela was involved in the training of Justices of Peace, Commissioners of Oath, Toshaos and other Mediators in an Advanced Mediation Course. Jamela also holds a Certificate for service as a Faculty Member in Advanced Mediation Training (2008). 

Over the past 12 years, Jamela has utilised her Mediation and Negotiation Leadership Training skills in conducting several court connected and private mediations ranging from disputes relating to properties, mining law, family matters, slander, religious and monetary claims. Jamela has also delivered several oral presentations on Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and published Articles. 

Founder of Mediation Services International (MSI) and the Past President of MIG. As President in 2011, Jamela displayed a leadership role in the successful hosting of the first International Mediation Conference in Guyana. Presenters included Justice Vasheist Kokaram of Trinidad and Carl Singh, former Chancellor (ag) of the Judiciary of Guyana.

Jamela A. Ali is an Attorney at Law at the Guyana Civil Bar for over 29 years and at the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). Through her diverse background in litigation and mediation, she has gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the Law and how to apply this effectively to her clients' needs to guide them to the solution best suited to them, which includes providing unique and innovative insight in practicing litigation avoidance by strategising and negotiating.
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Mr Teni Housty - Attorney at Law in Guyana
Mediator in Guyana

Senior Partner - Fraser, Housty and Yearwood Attorneys at Law.
Admitted to practice at the Guyana Bar in 1996 and Trinidad and Tobago Bar in 2007.


  • University of Liverpool, Liverpool, England,
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) Distinction, December, 2014
  • University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South AfricaMaster of Laws, July 2002
  • The Hugh Wooding Law School, Trinidad and Tobago              
  • Legal Education Certificate, 1996
  • The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados     
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Honours, July 1994

He has served as President of the Guyana Bar Association between the years 2008 to 2010.

Possesses in excess of 12 years are a trained and practicing mediator in Guyana. Considered to be one of the leading mediators in Guyana.

Lecturer at the University of Guyana in Intellectual Property Law, Environmental Law and Policy and Human Rights Law.

Rafina Rahaman-Rahim

Ms Rafina Rahim, Solicitor in the UK
Accredited Mediator in the UK

Started her law practice in the UK in 1993; having been admitted to the British Bar in 1986 and requalifying as a Solicitor in 1990. While practicing at the Bar in the UK she observed that too often matters were capable of settling long before the parties came to court and a settlement would be reached just before entering the courts door. For this reason she made a  choice to requalify as a Solicitor as she was of the view that her ability to negotiate a settlement between the parties could be well utilized in her role as a Solicitor at an earlier stage, saving clients time and money.

Founder of Rafina Solicitors, the ethos behind her practice was always about finding real  solutions for real people across the world. Coming from a business background, her approach to matters is generally an understanding of the legal issues involved while at the same time balancing the business and or practical issues attached to the matter offering the clients a variety of legal and practical options to proceed.

Rafina was also  admitted to the Bar in Guyana in 1987. Her practice in the UK has helped her in connecting with a huge Guyanese clientele and working closely with lawyers in Guyana have managed to successfully resolve issues remotely.  Not only has she  been able to offer her clients the benefit of her business experience and more recently her mediation skills by offering both a pragmatic approach to problem solving combined with a legal solution. Her ability to assimilate information given and find an effective solution is her unique selling point. Rafina has been working in a varied legal environment. Her sphere of experience ranges from dealing with clients at all levels each with their particular and different legal issues.

Since her appointment as an Accredited Mediator in 2012, Rafina has assisted a number of clients in successfully avoiding expensive court battles; reached a compromise that they are happy with and retained relationships which would otherwise have been destroyed through the court process.
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Mr Kumar Hathiramani,
Business Administrator
Certified Mediator in Barbados, Trinidad & UK

Kumar Hathiramani, J.P. is one of the founding members and President of the ADR Association of Barbados Inc., incorporated on 29 November 2004.

Kumar was born in India, lived most of his life in the Caribbean, viz. Trinidad, Surinam, Guyana and then Barbados. He is a Business Administrator by profession, with a diverse business background in trade, commerce, industry and property management; a Certified mediator and a Paralegal.

He was educated in the Caribbean; obtained his McMgill Matriculation from Lower Canada College in Montreal and his Bachelors in Business Administration at Bishop's University in Quebec, Canada.
In 2002, he completed his Masters Degree (Hons) in Conflict Resolution at Antioch University, Ohio, USA.

In 2007, accredited and registered by the Mediation Board of Trinidad & Tobago as a Certified Mediator for Civil Non-Family Matters.

In 2013, accredited by the Association for International Arbitrators (AIA), Brussels, Belgium having completed his European Mediation Training For Practioners of Justice.

In 2016, certified as a Supreme Court Mediator in Barbados, under the Court-Annexed Mediation Project.

In 2016 accredited as a mediator by Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution CEDR - U.K. 

He has devoted most of his spare time sensitizing ADR and mediation in particular to the public and corporations that there are more favorable non-adversarial alternatives to resolving conflict other than litigation..

He is a member of: 

• The Association for International Arbitration (AIA) Brussels
• Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR), Washington DC
• ADR Institute of Canada
• Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) in the United Kingdom
• A life member of the Council for National and International Commercial Arbitration (CNICA, India).



Mr Hubert T. Robertson,
Business and Project Management
Mediator in Guyana

Hubert Robertson is a trained and experienced mediator, and a highly qualified business and project management professional who has successfully assisted in the resolution of many organizational, business and family matters. He was trained in Mediation, Advanced Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution by the USAID and has been practicing the profession for the past decade. 

He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and holds a Master’s Degree in Management and three first degrees in Management, Accountancy and the other is a Natural Science Degree – General Agriculture. He has a solid background in Business Law including Torts and Contracts. This highly proficient mediator has worked with both the public and private sectors and several international agencies including USAID, the IADB, the EU and CIDA on business, organizational and community development projects, democracy and governance issues, human rights, gender issues, environmental issues, conflict resolution through ADR and a wide range of other issues.

Hubert  is therefore able to apply a wide range of skills and experiences towards the resolution of  various types of conflicts, including compensation claims, farmer to farmer disputes, family disputes, inter and intra-organizational and business disputes, organization – stakeholder disagreements, and other areas of conflict.  


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